Physiotherapy can help people with:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Neck pain and strain
  • Knee, hip, shoulder joint injury and deformation
  • Low back pain
  • After spinal disc hernia
  • After stroke
  • Prevention of osteoporosis for women in menopause
  • Adolescents with posture asymmetry
  • Young moms with back pain after childbirth

The physiotherapist provides advice on ergonomics and job placement, as well as an individual fitness program for work at home.

Physiotherapist consultation includes:

  • Investigation
  • Function and motion analysis
  • Analysis of posture, movement
  • Muscle strength and length measure
  • Neurological tests and palpation of the tissue
  • Making the rehabilitation plan
  • Guide the patient about preferable activities

It is recommended to first appointment come in light clothes (even better in sportswear), so the specialist could better investigate.