Physiotherapy can help people with:

  • Musculoskeletal disorders
  • Neck pain and strain
  • Knee, hip, shoulder joint injury and deformation
  • Low back pain
  • After spinal disc hernia
  • After stroke
  • Prevention of osteoporosis for women in menopause
  • Adolescents with posture asymmetry
  • Young moms with back pain after childbirth

The physiotherapist provides advice on ergonomics and job placement, as well as an individual fitness program for work at home.

Physiotherapist consultation includes:

  • Investigation
  • Function and motion analysis
  • Analysis of posture, movement
  • Muscle strength and length measure
  • Neurological tests and palpation of the tissue
  • Making the rehabilitation plan
  • Guide the patient about preferable activities

It is recommended to first appointment come in light clothes (even better in sportswear), so the specialist could better investigate.

Health Enhancement Services

(Mārupes iela 1A, Āgenskalns)

Parafango heat treatment with healing seaweed

The treatment relieves tension and improves metabolism. Recommended for Friday afternoon.


1. Parafango for the shoulder area 15 min.

2. Arm massage 15-20 min.

Parafango heat treatment with healing seaweed for feet

Reduces fatigue, improves metabolism, relieves pain and swelling and removes excess fluid from the tissues.


1. Underwater massage 15-20 min.

2. Parafango wrapping 20 min.

Tea as desired.

Masseuse, t. 26492455.

Parafango heat treatment with healing mud

One or several joints.

Therapeutic paraffin baths

One or several joints.

Physiotherapist, t. 26438625.

Feet guru

Aesthetic foot and nail care.

Service-in-a-van at your location is available.

t. 26162615